Build games, not infrastructure.

Merigo supercharges server-powered game development. Teams move faster thanks to customizable tools and game systems.


The server development environment for modern games 👾

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Create huge worlds

Merigo allows for hundreds of thousands of players to interact with each other in real-time. Quickly create experiences that match today’s top grossing strategy and simulation games.

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Tuning & rewards

Great games keep adding content. Manage live game logic, data, and assets without client updates. Developers can iterate and test locally before pushing changes live.

Score big

Merigo leaderboards are tied deeply into the game systems. Create daily events and distribute rewards all within the SDE.

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Hook chat right into your game; fully control the look and feel. Roles allow players to moderate channels. Developers can integrate game commands to make chat even more interactive like delivering gifts or assisting a guild member.

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Besides grouping players, Merigo entities have their own data and logic like experience and inventories. Chat and Mail systems allow members to coordinate and collaborate.

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